IEE has the knowledge and experience to tackle any electrical engineering project, from basic building lighting to complete turnkey renewable energy solutions. We have the experience and resources to take your project from concept to commissioning. IEE employs specialists with a wide range of capabilities. We provide turn-key design/build solutions, electrical system design, medium and high voltage distribution, electrical system evaluation, renewable energy project engineering, equipment specification and pre-purchase, design and installation project estimates, and project management. Look to IEE for complete electrical system evaluation, design, and installation.

Protective Device Coordinaton

Industrial Electrical Engineers (IEE) can perform fault and coordination studies to (1) identify potential fault current levels in an electrical system and (2) determine proper settings and ratings for protective devices and equipment. This is done to ensure safety of both equipment and personnel. Proper coordination of protective devices minimizes the extent of power outages when faults do occur and eliminates nuisance tripping from motor starting and transformer inrush. IEE can perform field data collection or provide an outline of required information for collection by your staff.

Load Flow Analysis

Our team provides a load flow analysis of power systems to predict and ensure their safe and efficient operation before new systems are constructed or changes are made to existing infrastructure. Information is gathered and entered to create a computer-based load flow model. Individual portions of the system can be exposed to different equipment start-up scenarios, allowing our engineers to identify any potential deficiencies. This information is used to prevent nuisance outages due to overloading, identify insertion points for site generated power, and predict the need for any power factor correction.

Thermal Surveys

IEE provides thermal surveys of power systems to identify weaknesses in a system before a failure occurs. As systems age, equipment and conductors can be subject to overloads due to a number of reasons. Terminations and connections can be evaluated without affecting operation; a report is generated identifying any issues and recommended solutions.

Arc Flash Surveys

We can evaluate and define arc flash hazards for existing and new facilities allowing for NFPA 70E and OSHA compliance. This survey will also determine personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, flash hazard boundary, shock hazard boundary, and limited approach boundary. Our team includes personnel trained in the use of PPE equipment, allowing us to gather data in the field, update or create electrical drawings, and install the arc flash labels after the report is completed. Our engineering department can also work with plant personnel to provide an outline of required information needed for the survey and provide stickers for installation by the owner.